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How to Build a Boardroom

Introduction to Boardrooms

Boardrooms serve a variety of needs across industries, markets, and sectors. They're a primary site for developing and maintaining client relationships, the efficient sharing of complex information with key constituents, and communication among your organization's leaders. Whether you're considering re-designing your current boardroom or you're building a new one, keep this in mind: your boardroom is all about impressions.

When we talk about boardrooms and impressions, we're really talking about two intertwined functions:

  • Impressions of knowledge and information
  • Impressions of aesthetic value and savvy
Knowledge Impressions

Boardroom participants must be able to see, hear, and communicate clearly regardless of where they're seated. You may even have people who participate via telephone or video conferencing. Every detail of your boardroom design ought to support these needs to ensure the effective knowledge transfer and message reception. Additionally, your boardroom ought to offer easy integration of audio/visual channels to ensure a seamless transition between, and efficient delivery of, information sources.

Aesthetic Impressions

The aesthetic appearance of your boardroom ought to reflect the nature of the dealings that occur in it and your business as a whole. In addition to making an impression of success and technological savvy, a fully equipped and easy-to-use environment puts presenters in the driver's seat during key meetings and throughout the life cycle of your client relationships.

Boardroom Tools

5280 Digital has the experience and expertise to understand your unique needs and recommend a solution to meet them. We offer packaged and customized solutions including:

  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • Sound Systems
  • Integrated Lighting Systems
  • Videoconferencing
  • Touch-panel Control Systems
  • Dedicated Computers
  • Custom Furnishings

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