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About 5280 Digital & Our Audio Visual Solutions

With over 10+ years of providing AV design, AV services and audio visual solutions for clients from the military to churches and from corporations to universities and named to Entrepreneur Magazine's Hot 100 list in 2008, 5280 Digital knows how to design and implement audio visual solutions for all AV needs!

Representing the non-linear industry from its very inception, we have a unique perspective on the products in the AV market, their capabilities, and how they fit into an individual customer's business. We don't stop there. Once the product has been developed for delivery we have strategies for delivering media on DVD, CD, Streaming and finally onto large-screen projection (LCD, DLP projection).

Additionally, we're the only Denver re-seller that carries all CTS Certifications in addition to Microsoft and Avid Certifications.

Integrated presentation systems for conference, training, and theatrical applications are a significant part of 5280 Digital Inc., representing the final destination of the media our content creation tools develop.

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