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Planar M-Series LCD Displays

M-Series LCD Displays

Commercial-grade Planar M-Series LCD display series available in 40" (m40L) and 70" (m70L).

F35 WQXGA Projector

F35 WQXGA Projector

These projectors are renowned for their high resolution imaging at 2560 x 1600 pixels - near double that of HD.

Enova DGX 16 Enclosure

Enova DGX 16 Enclosure

The Enova DGX 16 is far beyond a modular matrix switcher with built-in controller.

ProHD Compact Shoulder Camcorder

ProHD Compact Camcorder

The HM750 offers the ability to record either HD or SD directly to economical SDHC solid state media.

5280 Digital

AV Equipment, AV Systems and AV Solutions: From Concept to Completion

At 5280 Digital we not only provide the entire suite of AV equipment for all audio visual needs, but our team of CTS Certified Engineers design, integrate and install AV systems and AV solutions specific to your organization’s goals and requirements.

With over 10 years in the AV solutions industry we have designed, integrated, provided the necessary AV equipment and installed AV solutions for a large range of organizations and purposes. For example, we have designed and implemented military AV systems and military AV solutions for mission critical military operations, provided design and integration services for in-classroom and online educational institutions, created and installed video and sound systems for churches and synagogues, designed and implemented digital signage and retail AV solutions, provided simple to complex communication mechanisms for governmental organizations and designed and implemented sophisticated corporate AV solutions for businesses of all sizes.

5280 Digital provides the full suite of AV equipment, AV systems and AV solutions design and installation. To learn more, view the complete list of our AV products, see the most up to date industry AV resources, read the latest AV industry news or learn more about 5280 Digital and our AV Services now!